Feature Films

American Dreams in China” (Peter Chan Dir.) – Additional Casting 2012

Kilimanjaro” (Walter Strafford Dir.) – Featured Background Casting 2012

Anchoring in Seattle” (Xiao Lu Xue Dir.) – NY/LA Casting 2012

Nightingale” (Catharine Gulick Dir.) – Casting Director 2012 

Tomorrow Comes Today” (Ming Lang Chen Dir.) – Casting Director 2011

“Life of Pi” (Ang Lee Dir.) Additional ADR Casting 2011

 “The Wedding Video” (Before the Door Productions) – Background Casting 2011

Willows of Malice” (Max Perrier Dir.) - New York Casting 2010

Off Season” (Katie Carman Dir.) - Casting Director 2010

Colin Hearts Kay” - (Asian) Principal and Background Casting 2009

God’s Land” (Preston Miller Dir.)– Additional (Asian) Principal Casting 2009

Ponies” - Additional (Asian) Background Casting 2009

“Autumn in New York” (Raymond Yeung Dir.) – Assist in Casting 2008

Short Films

“Left with a Bitter Taste in the Mouth” Independent Film (A. James Marcolin Dr.) – Casting Director  2012

“Red Dust” Independent Film (Jie Chen Dir.) – Casting Director  2012

“An Impossible Place” Independent Film  (Robert Jones Dir.) – Casting Director 2012

“The Wreck” Independent Film (Kevin Haus Dir.) – Casting Director 2012

The Black Mask” NYFA Thesis Film (Filipe Coutinho Dr.) – Casting Director  2011

Metal Gear Office” Web Series (Chris Behn Dir.) - Casting Director 2011 

Sonic” Fan Film (Eddie Lebron Dir.) – Casting Director 2011

“The Sucker” Independent Film (Katie Carman Dir.) – Casting Director 2011

“Monday Monday” NYU Thesis Film (Eric Yue Dir.) – Casting Consultant 2011

 “Loss” SVA Student Film (Wesley Huang Dir.) – Casting Director 2011

Morse Code” SVA Thesis Film (Qing He Dir.) – Casting Director 2011

 “Dream Act” SVA Thesis Film (Xin Yuan Dir.) – Casting Director 2011

“Purple Virtue” SVA Thesis Film (Gamela Sierra Dir.) - Casting Director 2011

“My Life in Color” SVA Thesis Film (Justin Bennett Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

“Delivery” SVA Short Film (Andrew Teoh Dir.) - Casting Director 2010

 “Holden” SVA Thesis Film (Kelvin Ng Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

“The Lost” SVA Thesis Film (Rickey Waymer Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

“Becoming Tina” SVA Thesis Film (Eddie Lebron Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

 Doors of Manhattan” SVA Thesis Film (Lindsay Carlson Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

“Retrieval” SVA Thesis Film (Chris Behn Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

 “Lucy’s Truth” SVA Short Film (Sherry Leung Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

“Zombie Presidents” SVA Thesis Film (Dana Cacciatore Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

 Living Memory” SVA Short Film (Eddie Lebron Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

Rainbow Bridge” NYFA Student Film (Jia Fang Dir.) – Additional Casting 2010

 Delikadesa” USC Thesis Film (Lea W. Dizon Dir.) – Additional Casting 2010

“Still Life” Short Film (Zooey Park Dir.) – Assist in Casting 2010 *Toyota Cinema Me Contest Finalist

 Aftershock” (George Billard Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

Tegan Rei” SVA Short Film (Eddie Lebron Dir) – Casting Director 2010

The Survival of the Family Unite” NYU Thesis Film (Kevin Hung Dir.) - Additional Principal Casting 2010

 “Imaginary Friend” Short Film (Daniel Stedman Dir.)  – Casting Director 2009

“Untitled” Columbia MFA Film (Raymond Yeung Dir.) – Casting Director 2009

Saeng-Il / Birthday” NYU Thesis Film (Jennifer Suhr Dir.) – (Asian) Principal Casting & Consulting 2009

Delivery” Short Film (Brennan McVicar Dir.) – Casting Director 2008


Yangtze Repertory Theatre: Casting Coordinator for “The Chalk Circle”  2012

“The Final Struggle” Staged Reading (Town Square Productions) - Casting Director 2011

Yangtze Repertory Theatre: Casting Coordinator for “Empress of China  2011

“The Soldier” Staged Reading (Myra Velasquez Dir.) – Casting Director 2010

Yangtze Repertory Theatre: Casting Coordinator for “Laughing in the Wind” 2010

Yangtze Repertory Theatre: Assist in Casting for “In the Silence of the Heart” 2009

Yangtze Repertory Theatre: Assist in Casting for “Forbidden City West” 2008


Beyonce United Nations World Humanitarian Performance Video – Additional Casting for Kenzo Digital 2012

Interactive Broker Commercial for Casual Films 2012

Fantasy Spring Casino Radio Commercial 2012

Delta Airline – Print and Promotional Video 2012

Fooxwoods Resort Casino Thanksgiving Concert 2011

Mohegan Sun” Print and Commercial Campaign  2011

Skyview Parc Print and Commercial Campaign for AMUSA Films  20111

Jade Entertainment Chinese New Year Event  - Host & DJ Casting 2011

“True Crime” Video Game for Activision – Additional VO Casting  2010

Pop Jingle Web Commercial – Additional VO Casting for Studio Center 2010

Chinglish’ Voice Over & Principal Casting  for Kenzo Digital 2010

Americare Industrial Video – Asian Principal Casting (Kol-Rom Multimedia) 2010

Mandarin Voice Over for Medical  Industrial (Euro RSCG Life) 2010

PepsiCo International “Asian Passport Day” Event 2010

Filipino Radio Spot for AdAsia Communication, Inc 2009