Casting Director




Hi, my name is Wayne Chang and I have been working in show business for over 8 years as an actor, and I'm still going out on auditions and taking classes.

You can read why I double as an actor and a casting director here.

With my background of being a trained actor, I am proficient in the process of breaking down scripts, character analysis, and visualizing the expectation from directors and writers. In addition, I've also worked as an assistant director and associate producer on various productions. I know the production and business process quite well.

I maintain a huge file of actors whom I have come across throughout my career. Either I've worked with them, seen them perform in classes, know them through referrals, or from shows I've attended.

I do have a “corporate” approach when it comes to the business of acting. Having worked as a business analyst for 10 years has taught me how to work efficiently and effectively.

It takes an open minded person to work with another. :)




Amazing Assistant




Meet the amazing Kristen Hung. Not only she’s a gifted Actress and an awesome reader – She’s also my Go-To woman for Chinese Text Translation. As a former Medical Interpreter, nothing gets in her way.




Need Translation Service? Click here then I will hook you up!






Casting Dog

In Loving Memory of My Assistant Bei Bei - whom offered stress relief and lots of love during the stressful times.